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heat a substance so that it oxidizes or reduces

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Thermal processing products and services include some of the largest high-efficiency Dryers and Coolers in the world, as well as Calciners, Bulk Material Processors and Pilot Plant Laboratory Testing Systems.
The visiting officials were given a tour of Alba's Calciner & Marine plant and showcased the environmental benefits of the plant.
Al Ali, Dubal's vice-president of supply and a board member of Sinoway Carbon, explained that the new calciner was built in two equal phases of 280,000 tonnes each: Phase I was completed in May 2013, with Phase II being commissioned.
The coal feed rate to calciner, on an average, was 10.
Its 2010 project has been the installation of a continuous belt calciner oven for its wash coating facility which has increased manufacturing by 80%.
2] from the calciner are dedusted in a cyclone and cooled in a heat exchanger by the air that fluidizes the calciner.
IMERYS, Atlanta, Georgia, USA said its North American Performance Minerals & Ceramics (NAPMC) will cease production of paper grade products at the Dry Branch, Georgia facility and will be discontinuing operation of its Number 3 Calciner, a 45,000 ton per year production unit, by the end of December 2005.
The wood and coke were then added to coal at a ratio of 15 percent wood and coke to 85 percent coal, pulverized in a coal mill, and used as fuel to fire burners in the calciner and rotary kiln at the plant.
Goldberg and Erickson (1987) observe that when a coker is a sole supplier of petroleum coke to a calciner, it is almost invariably the calciner who decides on the quantity.
plant for organic pigments, and construction of a "state-of-the-art" calciner as part of a $40 million expansion of the Middle Georgia kaolin facility.
The ammoniated brine leaving the absorber at 20o to 25oC is pumped to two carbonating towers in series, in which it first meets lean Carbondioxide gases from the kiln and then rich Carbondioxide from the bicarbonate calciner.
which is converting the fuel source for a calciner at its Green River, Wyoming soda ash plant from natural gas to a local sub-bituminous coal.
The kiln lines includes six-stage and two-string preheaters with PREPOL AS-MSC calciner, rotary kilns with POLFLAME-VN clinkering zone burners, and POLYTRACK clinker coolers.
MANAMA: A new state-of-the-art datacentre was inaugurated at Alba's calciner and marine plant yesterday.
Alba's MBA candidates who attended the two-week Paris residency were Alshaibeh, the recently appointed manager, human resources; Fadhel Wahab, manager for warehouse and procurement; Nabeel Jallabi , manager for reduction lines 1-3; Eline Hilal, manager for investor relations; Abdul Rahman Janahi, acting administration director; Eskander Abdulnabi, senior superintendent operations P&U, power operation, and Ahmed M Gaffar, maintenance planning, Calciner & Marine.