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the conversion of metals into their oxides as a result of heating to a high temperature

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The plot for the composite with calcinated reinforcement shows that the [d.
The actual meaning of the term is "burned or calcinated copper.
The plant will use 425,000 tonnes of crude coke to produce 350,000 tonnes of calcinated coke per year.
The plant will turn white mineral magnesite into caustic calcinated magnesia which can be used in agriculture, construction, and fuel additives and dead burned magnesia which can be used for glass and refractory production.
The next samples of AF show a different composition because both main ODT components and O-PPG were used in all samples and only one abrasive; calcinated alumina with finest grain of 2,9-3,1[mu]m.
In this work, highest yields of acrylic acid are observed over the catalyst calcinated at 430[degrees]C, which can be attributed to the moderate solid acidity of catalysts.
224) [Beside him on the festal couch, the wretched moonlight visitor found only a rubble of ashes and calcinated bones.
2] of grade Ch (TU 6-09-5335-88), calcinated at the temperature 973 K for 3 h, and metal calcium were used as the flux-forming materials.
After combustion for several seconds, the loose pink powders formed were rinsed with deionized water and ethanol, filtered, dried at 150 [degrees]C for 2 h, and calcinated at 800 [degrees]C for 4 h to prepare the Ni[Fe.
The major portion of calcinated coke will be used in making anodes in Alba's electrolysis plant and about 200,000 tons will be exported per year.
Only a few items of sculpted wood have been found during excavations, among them some calcinated fragments of small decorated tablets of palm wood and toromiro, found in a post mid 17th-century context at the site of Akahanga.
They used frit, a calcinated mix which was more susceptible to temperature fluctuations and more easily scratched than hard-paste.
Many sprout farmers currently use calcium hypochlorite to eliminate bacteria from seeds, but organic farmers - who constitute about half the growers - resist this method, so Slade is researching alternative methods of treating seeds, such as thermal processing, electron-beam treatment, and disinfection with hydrogen peroxide or calcinated chloride.
Apart from interpretive shortcomings, this work also contains some mistakes: grains of paradise (melegueta pepper) are thought to be cardamom, Nonnius (Nunez) is referred to as a Frenchman, and illustrations of Jordan almonds and candy (57 and 58) are misidentified as some kind of alchemical calcinated drug.