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capital and largest city of Indonesia

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Generally pavements must be in place for more than 30 years to receive an APA Perpetual Pavement Award, but CalAPA and the APA honored Caltrans for the way it moved forward aggressively with the durable pavement strategy not only on the Interstate 5 projects but also on Interstate 710 in Los Angeles County and Interstate 80 between San Francisco and Sacramento.
The current average rate of attrition faced by the industry is between 30% and 35%," said Ashu Calapa, vice president of BPO company ICICI OneSource Ltd.
Nicholas Calapa, President of Precom, stated, "CGI represents an ideal opportunity for our shareholders to realize the value of their investment and provides the potential for significant share value as the two companies join forces.
This innovative program is part of our larger human resources strategy to maintain the high levels of service that our clients have come to expect from us," said Aashu Calapa, Vice President, Human Resources at ICICI OneSource.