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(Italian cuisine) squid prepared as food

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Calamares a la Valenciana (serves 6) Ingredients | 1kg squid tubes, sliced | 3 onions, thinly sliced | 4 large tomatoes, peeled and chopped | 250ml dry white wine | 2 bay leaves | 4 cloves garlic, chopped | 200ml olive oil | 1 pinch saffron | chopped fresh parsley Method Fry the onion until golden, then add garlic, tomato, wine, saffron, bay leaves and calamari.
On holiday, it's most likely to have been called calamari or calamares, depending on where you've been sunning yourself.
Ambacht, Holanda, productor diversificado y distribuidor de productos congelados del mar, desde camarones salvajes, cangrejos y calamares del oeste de Africa, a filetes de bacalao del Pacifico y de piscifactoria.
As we chatted, we tucked into calamares (squid), taramasalata (fish roe), gyros (kebabs), dolmades (stuffed vine leaves), stifado (roast lamb) and moussaka (minced meat, aubergines and mashed potato), accompanied by excellent house wine at around pounds 5 a bottle.
Here they could mourn the glad tidings about their country brought by the newspapers, they could wail and deplore to their hearts' content, remain in their pure unadulterated state, like calamares in their own black sauce, with all their militant, though aesthetically justified defensive chastity, worshiping traditions which dictate to cover the greatest possible area of human bodies.
Visitors should venture to the narrow, hidden streets and squares in the gothic quarter, stopping for a drink and a snack in one of the many cafes offering mouth-watering tapas of tortilla, patatas bravas, calamares, cured meats and Manchego cheese.
Serving langoustines, shrimps, turbot and calamares, this is fresh, mouth-watering seafood at its tastiest.
Seafood is always popular in Mediterranean cooking, using seabass for example and calamares (squid).
A week at the two-bedroom Casa Calamares bungalow in Lanzarote would cost you the same price.
5% per 11,000 tons - Calamares, and squid, frozen, whole or in 3% per 500 tons tentaclesor wings - Large herrings, whole or fillets 0% per 20,000 tons - Tuna loin (flank?
The Calamares Andaluza were far too salty and I did not like the mayonnaise they were served with.
Calamares supports all media platforms, systems and devices - from the Web and mobile to Internet Protocol television (IPTV) and social media platforms.
Calamares Acquisition Underscores SDL's Vision for the Future of Customer Engagement