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a region of southern Italy (forming the toe of the Italian 'boot')

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Turkish calabrian pine covers the largest area (3,096,064 ha) among the conifers grown in Turkey (Bektas et al 2003), which corresponds to about 15.
Calabrian pine, comprising the most important part (about 30%) of the forest resources in the Kahramanmaras province in south-central Turkey, is also one of the raw materials commonly used for various purposes by the forest products industries established in the province (2).
Ferrara soon finds a link with a Calabrian mafia antiques smuggling racket, but he has a much harder time pinpointing who has actually committed the crimes.
It was reported that a seventh body had been found in the mud - but civil defence officials in Rome and police officials in the Calabrian city of Catanzaro said they could not confirm the report and were sticking to a death toll of six.
There are close ties between the Albanian mafia and the Calabrian mafia in southern Italy, increasing fears that they could exploit drug trade and prostitution links.
His Calabrian abductors demanded 17 million dollars from the billionaire family, but the Getty family did not respond to the kidnappers' first ransom note, assuming the boy had created a hoax.
ITALY: The five-star Porto Pirgos Hotel on the Calabrian coast has a private beach, first-class facilities and rooms with sea-facing balconies.
Analysts have also pointed to close ties between the Albanian mafia and the Calabrian mafia in southern Italy, and fear that they could exploit existing drug trade links.
The region is dominated by the N'dranghetta - the feared and blood-thirsty Calabrian version of the Mafia.
Pasta Lorin - Ziti pasta tossed with tomato vodka sauce, cremini mushrooms, prosciutto and Calabrian peppers.
The defeat was their third in a row and marked Reggina's third straight Serie A victory - a club record which gives the Calabrian side hope of avoiding relegation.
ROME: Italian police arrested 33 suspected mobsters yesterday in a major crackdown on organised crime in the southern Calabrian region.
Albemarle Corporation Apache Nitrogen Calabrian Corporation Canexus Chemicals Canada LP Celanese Corporation CF Industries, Inc.
The regime is a particularly touchy subject within the Cosa Nostra, or 'Our Thing', which was Italy's most powerful mafia group in the 1980s and 1990s, but has been overtaken by the Calabrian 'Ndrangheta.
Coppa Calabrese -- The eye of the shoulder, cured with salt and rolled in spices including hot Calabrian chili powder and dry aged.