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a region of southern Italy (forming the toe of the Italian 'boot')

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The contract relates to engineering services and architecture consisting in the feasibility study for the rehabilitation of the line-Cosenza Catanzaro managed by Ferrovie della Calabria Srl and owned by the Region of Calabria.
Spatari has greatly contributed to the exchange and contamination among contemporary artistic languages at an international level through the 'Santa Barbara' Museum Park and, above all, he has succeeded in establishing a fruitful interaction between culture and the local area, and Calabria in particular.
The event was aimed in particular at the promotion of investment opportunities in the Calabria region in southern Italy.
Critique: Calabria was known in antiquity as Bruttium or formerly as Italia, is a region in southern Italy, forming the "toe" of the Italian Peninsula.
These latest arrests were the continuation of a 2010 probe called "Crime," which had brought some 300 people from Calabria and from Italy's business capital city, Milan, in jail, prosecutors said.
Addressing a mass of hundreds of thousands in Calabria, the southern Italian base of the Ndrangheta crime syndicate, the Pope said the gangsters were effectively "excommunicated" - or banished - in the eyes of the Church, the BBC reported.
A spokesman for the judiciary department in Calabria confirmed to 7DAYS that Matacena had been arrested in Dubai but said he could not comment on Matacena's movements since his disappearance.
Harry Fitzsimons, from West Belfast, is wanted by fraud officers in Italy who are investigating the channelling of money through property in Calabria.
Tony, 49, whose roots lie in the Calabria region of Italy, runs Glasfryn farm, Rhydlewis, near Llandysul, with wife Arlene, 44.
In this 33rd of the volumes of his monumental Documentary History of the Jews in Italy, Colafemmina (formerly, Jewish literature, Calabria U.
Italy: Italian government has dissolved the municipal council of Reggio Calabria and taken over control of the southern city for fear the Mafia might grab it.
Organised crime in Italy has long been associated with Sicily, Naples, Calabria and other poorer regions in the south.
Summary: A bronze lion's head and a suit of armor have been found in the sea off the coast of the Calabria region in southern Italy.
Locations (installed capacity): Altomonte, Calabria Region, Republic of Italy (8.
Mafraq, March 21 (Petra) - President of Al al-Bayt University Nabil Shawaqfeh on Monday discussed with President of the Italian University of Reggio Calabria, Massimo Giovannini, means and ways of boosting bilateral cooperation.