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a member of the Mayan people living in south central Guatemala

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the Mayan language spoken by the Cakchiquel

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In addition, events at Iximche are contextualised within the frame of the struggles among the Cakchiquels themselves, and between the Cakchiquels and other groups, as part of a broad picture of the sociopoliticalhistory of the highlands--a history that involved the Quiche, Pokomam and Mare as well as the Spaniards.
Thus, in the last years of the 18th century, the Gazeta de Guatemala published excerpts from works on the civilization of the ancient Mexicans, but by 1825 Del Valle's exaltation was specifically directed to the ancient Quiche and Cakchiquel kingdoms of Guatemala.
Within a few years, five large cooperatives (Xalbal, Mayalan, Pueblo Nuevo, Los Angeles, and Cuarto Pueblo) were built for nearly 30,000 campesinos, almost entirely indigenous (Canjobal, Mam, Kekchi, Cakchiquel, Quiche, Jacalteco, Chuj, and Ixil).
The Annals of the Cakchiquels and the Popel Vuh speak of little but intertribal conflict among the highlanders, while the sixteen states of Yucatan were constantly battling with each other over boundaries and lineage honor.
Other important Maya texts from Yucatan and Guatemala include the Xiu Chronicle, the Chronicle of Chicxulub, the Title of Yaxkukul (Restall 1998), the Popol Vuh (Pop Wuj) (Chavez 1979, Tedlock 1985, and many other translations), the Annals of the Cakchiquels, the Title of the Lords of Totonicapan (Recinos 1950, 1953), and the Rabinal Achi (Monterde 1979).