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a Louisianian descended from Acadian immigrants from Nova Scotia ('Cajun' comes from 'Acadian')

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THERE will be a weekend of music and dancing to some of the UK's best Cajun and Zydeco bands next weekend, as the North Wales Cajun and Zydeco Weekend comes to Conwy Comrades Sport and Social Club (former British Legion) in Conwy.
Furthermore, the role of languages, both French and English, has both a rich and tortured existence among the Cajuns, who during the pre-WWII years were prevented from speaking French at school under threat of punishment.
MHL: IfCajun still, to some degree, means a somewhat rural person with somewhat limited outside experience, can Cajuns write about educated Cajuns while still capturing Cajun culture in their fiction or is it just in writing about more rural Cajuns who have not gone very far from home that represents a true, more complex picture of Cajun life?
While the Creoles arrived in Louisiana from France with money, education and class, the Cajuns - who had been kicked out of Nova Scotia - came with none of the above.
No Place, Louisiana, by newcomer Martin Pousson, tells the semiautobiographical tale of a gay boy's Cajun family.
THE taste of Louisiana has come to Liverpool from a Cajun cook who gained inspiration from her grandmother's memoirs.
Wells chooses, however, to locate his narrative during the early sixties, when Cajuns were still mostly poor, Cajun children were punished for speaking Cajun French in schools, and derogatory Cajun jokes were told outside the group.
The Journey into the heart of Cajun country, once made from New Orleans only by priogue (a boat Cajuns say "can float on a heavy dew"), can now be made by car in a few hours.
THE North Wales Cajun and Zydeco weekend takes place in Conwy next weekend.
Folklorist Barry Ancelet succinctly described their interaction: "Cajuns learned style from black Creoles, and black Creoles learned repertoire from Cajuns.
By late Saturday morning the Cajun Creole Music Festival in Simi Valley was flooded with revelers wearing colorful strands of beads while sampling a smorgasbord of Cajun delights and washing it down with a cold brew.
Brasseaux's Acadian to Cajun focuses on nineteenth-century Cajuns.
It was the second consecutive year that the Lady Cajuns were ousted by the Bruins.
The point of this chapter may be that Cajuns have historically settled disputes on their own without recourse to law enforcement, but this is nowhere stated.
A celebration of Cajun culture, the two-act production offers among its attributes dynamic choreography by Monte and David Brown and a soaring original score by Richard Peaslee.