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a town at the southern tip of Illinois at the confluence of the Ohio and Mississippi Rivers

the capital of Egypt and the largest city in Africa

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Mood in the dialects is marked by the verbal prefixes which are elsewhere described as "aspectual"; that is, in Cairene the bi-imperfect is equivalent to the indicative imperfect ("marks factual statements"), the ha-imperfect indicates a brand-new mood known as "proximate intent," while the bare imperfect fills in for the MSA subjunctive.
Many Cairenes rarely have time to explore, discover and harmonise with their heritage through the bio-diversity that really exists in the Western and Eastern deserts and Sinai, far from the hard, polluted, noisy life of our urban communities.
Despite their importance to the city, the Zabbaleen have long been shunned by other Cairenes.
Urban planning must seem like a thing of the past or a high minded concept only the West and a fortunate few Arab states can afford to implement, to many of the Cairenes forced to occupy such accommodation.
Many Cairenes have forsaken driving forever, opting for taxis or the Metro to get around the city.
The book deals with the complex relationship a group of poor Cairenes have with God.
A few days after the feast the dispersal of the sit-ins commenced, followed by a curfew that was surprisingly strictly adhered to by the normally hard to reign in Cairenes.
In the wake of large groups of Cairenes, tired of continued unrest and the 7pm curfew, flocking to the north coast last weekend, Bey2ollak provided another essential service.
Compound after compound of villas, chalets, apartment buildings and the occasional hotel are the favourite summer destination for many Cairenes.
The failure of governments to provide affordable, viable housing has led a significant number of Cairenes to build their own homes illegally, in so-called 'ashwa'eyat' areas, (meaning random or haphazard informal settlements).
The continued marches, the sieges of neighbourhoods and the blockage of roads on daily basis during Ramadan, a month during which any street activity during is unacceptable to the general population, has unleashed the inner fascist in many Cairenes.
There is a time-honoured taboo tradition in Egyptian culture against visiting a home empty-handed; you will be sure to spot Cairenes out and about with artfully wrapped platters of traditional sweet desserts under their arms.
We are also launching the I Am Cairo Love campaign to reinforce the love and loyalty of all Cairenes," added Farid.
When it comes to restaurants, the one thing Cairenes consistently complain about is consistency.
Sinai is Safe connects young Cairenes with the Bedouin of the south Sinai to explore the desert landscape, sandy mountains and wadis worlds away from Egypt's crowded cities.