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a native or inhabitant of Cairo

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simple topicalized Older li-l-qamis-i kumm-a-ni al-qamis-u la-hu kumm-a-ni Arabic to-DEF-shirt-GEN sleeve-NOM-DU DEF-shirt-NOM to-3MS sleeve-NOM-DU Cairene *li-l-'amis kumm-en il-'amis li-h kumm-en Arabic to-DEF-shirt sleeve-DU DEF-shirt to-3MS sleeve-DU reflex
For most Cairenes, getting around the city is stressful and exasperating.
The power of "Cairo Drive" resides in the affectionate sense of humor with which Elkatsha assesses the practices of Cairo motorists, and the ad hoc comic genius of the Cairenes themselves.
No Cairene could have avoided a trip to that building in their lifetime as the government units which it housed issued everything from birth certificates to passports.
Continuing this thought: Why not a Cairene model for Cairo's urban development?
A month after posters supporting Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak's son Gamal appeared in some Egyptian towns, a new wave of "alternative" posters have popped up in two Cairene neighborhoods in support of Intelligence Chief Major General Omar Suleiman, reported Beirut daily AN NAHAR, Friday.
Very dear sister to John and Margaret, loving mother of Kevin, Joan, Brian, Tricia, Paul and Clare, much loved mother in law of Gillian, Des, Cairene, John, Dee and Peter, devoted gran of Helen, Andrew, C h r i s , Martin, Stephen, Rhiannon, C a t h e r i n e , E l i z a b e t h , Victoria, Matthew, Robert, Hannah, Ian and Emma, proud great grandma of Charlotte and D a n i e l.
Firstly, the majority of the Cairene population are increasingly being pushed further away from public space (e.
This overview of contemporary Egyptian art brings together 30 artists, each expressing his or her individual experience of Cairene life.
Ayman Al Zawahiri, deputy of Osama Bin Laden and a doctor from a wealthy Cairene family, was also pointed out by Saudi intellectuals as an example of the influence of Egyptian Islamists on Saudi Jihadi ideas.
Donkeys, horses and picturesque ambulant vendors bring to the Cairene streets an inimitable liveliness and vibrancy.
The author Abu- 'Abdalla-h Ibn al-Ha-jj casts doubt on the motivations of Cairene women who venerate Nafisa, suggesting that they use visits to the saint's tomb as a pretext for "talking and joking with strangers or being touched," and thus disguise their "shameful undertaking" as an act of piety (Bonebakker and Scott 127-29).
Now Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice was telling a Cairene audience the third goal was history.
At its worst, his style, cliche-ridden in places, seems at a disappointing symbolic remove from the teeming Cairene reality that Mahfouz has rendered so powerfully in other novels.
Among these can be found even in the first generation migrant population speakers making a complete shift to the very distinct Cairene dialect.