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(Old Testament) Cain and Abel were the first children of Adam and Eve born after the Fall of Man

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Among the motley retainers of the camp was Tom Cain, a raw Irishman, who officiated as cook, whose various blunders and expedients in his novel situation, and in the wild scenes and wild kind of life into which he had suddenly been thrown, had made him a kind of butt or droll of the camp.
known of them beyond the fact that they supplied Cain with a wife and
He did it so energetically and thoroughly that the poor Worm was cast into the depths of remorseful despair, and went to bed that evening feeling that he was an outcast from among men, and bore the mark of Cain upon his brow.
Pelagie for debt, and not established in London in a handsome house, with every comfort about you--you were in such a fury you were ready to murder your brother, you wicked Cain you, and what good would have come of remaining angry?
If Lord Ernest finds his rooms locked up he'll raise Cain," said Raffles; "we must let him come in and lock up for himself before we corner him.
He was one of the very many descendants of Cain proper to this continent, who seem destined from their birth to serve as pioneers in the great human army: who gladly go on from year to year extending its outposts, and leaving home after home behind them; and die at last, utterly regardless of their graves being left thousands of miles behind, by the wandering generation who succeed.
From 2000 to 2002, Ambassador Cain served as the president and chief operating officer of the NHL Carolina Hurricanes and their parent company, Gale Force Holdings.
Cain, who now lives in Texas with her husband and two sons, shares many of her memories through paintings and stories in her book, Art of the Spirit.
A tough-talking former business executive, Cain is a conservative author and Baptist preacher.
According to Politico, a source close to the matter revealed that Cain would probably get out of the race, but added that nothing's been decided.
On his first trip to Iowa since decade-old sexual harassment allegations surfaced, Cain indirectly addressed the foreign policy problem by telling more than 200 people at a northeastern Iowa restaurant that the US needed to leave no doubt about its allies and enemies.
WASHINGTON: A defiant Herman Cain declared he would not end his bid for the Republican presidential nomination in the face of allegations of sexual harassment and called his latest accuser a tool of the "Democrat machine" in America.
The question from the voter came after Cain explained the nine percent corporate tax portion of his 9-9-9 plan this way:
The only sparks of the night flew in the media spin room after the debate, when a reporter asked Cain about the news of the week: that sexual harassment allegations were levied against him when he headed the National Restaurant Association years ago.
PRINCETON, NJ -- The upward trend continues in Republicans' ratings of presidential candidate Herman Cain, as does the downward trend in their ratings of Rick Perry.