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United States film actor known for his portrayals of tough characters (1899-1986)

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The award-winning actress, on our screens again in Casualty on Saturday, made her name as the hard-drinking policewoman Christine Cagney in the 80s show.
She said: "We were talking about what we were going to do with the show and I said we should really push the friendship, like Cagney & Lacey.
Cagney stepped down after a lawsuit alleged that the hostile work environment he presided over allowed senior executives to harass women employees.
Employees think its legal, so it's no problem," says Cagney, who heads the internal employee assistance program at Sandia National Laboratories in Livermore, Calif.
Along with Cagney and Lacey exec producer Barney Rosenzweig, they're hosting a fund-raiser on Wednesday night at the New York home of theatre producer Paul Boskind.
RSPCA animal welfare officer David Hatton said Cagney had managed to get herself "well and truly" wedged in the chair.
SOFA, SO GOOD With Sinead Desmond, Mark Cagney and Alan Hughes
It's a 1932 film starring Cagney and Loretta Young.
Keefe, Bruyette & Woods (KBW), a full-service, boutique investment bank and broker-dealer and a wholly owned subsidiary of Stifel Financial Corp (NYSE:SF), on Tuesday named Richard Cagney as managing director of Insurance in the Equity Group, based in the firm's Chicago office.
Tim Cagney, deputy chief executive officer of the British Film Institute, was in Cardiff to outline the company's draft five-year plan, New Horizons, detailing proposals for investing Lottery support for UK films.
The Brush: In May 1944, shortly before the Normandy D-Day Invasion, Cagney was in southwest England with the USO entertaining troops who would spearhead the invasion.
Also on show will be Cagney No 44 from Rhyl Miniature Railway, which has operated on various miniature railways in the United States.
TELLY The ITV1 drama, reminiscent of a 21st century Cagney & Lacey, is all about team meetings, paperwork and drawing up 'arrest strategies'.
THEY are billed as Manchester's answer to Cagney & Lacey - and their roots lie in the famous cobbles of Coronation Street.