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a bitter alkaloid found in coffee and tea that is responsible for their stimulating effects


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0 [micro]mol/l for volunteers taking caffeine pills and 10.
Today, the aid to brain power might be caffeine pills or strong coffee to ward off sleep.
Consider, for example, the 43-year-old physician who required nine hours of sleep a night and a nap in the afternoon, together with three cups of coffee and three caffeine pills a day, just to keep going.
CAPRICE GREYSTOKE's newly patented oral spray stimulant, `SPRAY- N-WAKE', meets head-to-head competition from Bristol Myers Squibb's NO DOZ, as well as other caffeine pills.
One Premier League physio claimed on Thursday, that caffeine pills are available in every dressing room but would never be forced on players.
His job as a plasterer is physically demanding, and he often relies on caffeine pills for a quick fix.
She admitted: "I didn't need caffeine pills or any other stimulant.
For example, coffee and colas, which contain caffeine, are not regulated as "drugs"; but caffeine pills, which are marketed as a medicine to keep consumers awake, would be regulated by FDA.
A BANK worker killed himself by taking a massive overdose of caffeine pills, an inquest ruled yesterday.