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Synonyms for Caesaropapism

the doctrine that the state is supreme over the church in ecclesiastical matters

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Erastianism is a historical term often used imprecisely as a virtual synonym with Max Weber's caesaropapism, that is, a more or less absolute dominance of the civil authority exercised over spiritual matters and ministry.
4) The controversy continues to arm modern apologists in the primacy war: from an Eastern perspective, Gregory, one of the most "Orthodox" popes in history, provides a concise condemnation of papal authority; from a Roman perspective, the machinations of the emperor and his patriarch characterize Byzantine arrogance and display the deficiencies of caesaropapism.
and unto God what is God's") prevented the emergence of Caesaropapism in Christian history or the medieval concept of Christendom, all-encompassing visions of a tight relation between church and state not altogether different from some contemporary Islamic understandings of the ummah, or the community of all Muslim believers.
Theocracy and caesaropapism were illiberal in the same way: each infringed on the necessary autonomy of church and state.
Cholij ably leads the reader through the complexity of Byzantine concepts such as the economy of the saints, dangers of caesaropapism, and competing claims to spiritual authority.
The West, in turn, opposed the Caesaropapism (subordination of the Church to a secular ruler) that characterised the Church at Constantinople.