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a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc

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Joao III, fanatical and of evil repute, Filipe II, the devil of the south, inquisitor and executioner of the nations, Carlos IV, Joao V, Afonso VI--some debauched, others unruly, others again ignorant and base--are good examples of absolute royalty, infatuated to the point of vice and crime by pride in their own power, possessed by that Caesarist madness by which nature makes despots pay for their monstrous inequality, placing them as if outside humanity.
Now confirmed as Israel's premier soldier, Sharon surrounded himself with PR flacks and flunkies to cultivate his Caesarist political ambitions.
50) In the Latin American context it is not an overweening Prussian-style bureaucracy that threatens democracy but the other threat to modern mass democracies that Weber identified: the rise of Caesarist or plebiscitary leaders who bypass parliamentary institutions altogether.
His (and our) interest in "Caesarism" is not in any great heroic individual-- Caesar, Cromwell, Napoleon, Mussolini (certainly not Mike Harris) -- who by himself "transforms" a society, but in the historical situation which those individuals "express" : "A Caesarist solution can exist even without a Caesar.