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a form of government in which the ruler is an absolute dictator (not restricted by a constitution or laws or opposition etc

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Caesarism is an attempt to enforce this imaginary ideal by overcoming the actual balance of political, class forces.
His proclamation of infallibility in 1870 was, according to Forberger, nothing less than an attempt to revive "Roman caesarism.
He embraced empire, constant frontier wars, managerialist determinism, and the warfare state, while complaining occasionally about Caesarism, the decline of Congress and other intermediate institutions, the growth of federal bureaucracy, and the loss of traditional liberties.
It illuminates a role for the president that can be characterized neither as restrained constitutional leadership nor as plebiscitary Caesarism.
ONE of the sinister aspects of Caesarism is that more often than not it falls into such bad company.
3) Below, I attempt to outline this new modality of totalitarianism, this new "Democratic Caesarism.
Caesarism, charisma, and fate; historical sources and modern resonances in the work of Max Weber.
Authoritarianism, Caesarism, bureaucracy, social inequalities and privileges, all enduring Russian realities, remained about the same in the Soviet Union as under the Tsars, as they are today in the Capitalist Russia Pelevin depicts.
This is an altogether fascinating study not just of Caesar or Caesarism but of the role of myth-making and the very nature of politics and politicians.
In contrast to such mortality was the legacy of the queen's ascribed absolutist pretensions and caesarism that was to prove so disastrous to the Stuart monarchs who followed in her wake.
Ignored as well was the unique Caesarism which drove it.
With Caesarism history relapses back into the historyless, the old beat of primitive life, with endless and meaningless battles for material power <.
centuries before the rise of Caesarism or the appearance of Germanic hordes from the east--the youthful republic was invaded by a great host of Gauls, led by Brennus, who defeated the Roman army and sacked and occupied Rome.
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