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Synonyms for caesarean

the delivery of a fetus by surgical incision through the abdominal wall and uterus (from the belief that Julius Caesar was born that way)

relating to abdominal delivery

of or relating to or in the manner of Julius Caesar


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FEAR of childbirth does not increase a woman's likelihood of having an emergency caesarean, according to new research.
The Royal College of Midwives said many Caesareans were 'unwanted, unnecessary and a financial drain on the NHS' and called for new guidelines to reduce the rate of surgery.
In addition, in cases where these hospitals continue to reduce the number of caesareans performed, the facilities could negotiate with the Ministry of Health for an additional increase in staff.
Women undergoing a caesarean were less likely to have a subsequent pregnancy (with a decreased likelihood of 13% in women with an emergency caesarean, 18% in women with an elective caesarean, and 36% in maternally-requested caesareans).
The authors comment that "the dramatic reduction in our primary caesarean section rate between 2001-2004 and 2005-2011, despite a progressive increase in complicated pregnancies, has put us on par with the United States of America, whose average caesarean section rate is 38%.
Compare natural birth to caesareans and you will get a few more complications, more babies with breathing problems, plus the babies benefit by the labour process," Mavrides said.
Caesareans also increase the risk of dangerous abnormalities in the placenta during later pregnancies, which can cause hemorrhaging and lead to a hysterectomy.
Caesareans performed before labour without pressing medical reason were 2.
The Royal College of Midwives has described the number of women undergoing Caesareans as worryingly high.
Association between vitamin D deficiency and primary caesarean section.
But Louise Silverton, deputy general-secretary of the Royal College of Midwives, said Caesareans had become too easy to obtain and that women are now less prepared to undergo the traumas of childbirth.
Another response points out that we should be trying to avoid the two most damaging delivery methods in terms of maternal mental health--emergency caesareans and traumatic vaginal deliveries.
The finding adds to the body of evidence about the risks of Caesareans, which are on the rise in the UK.
Midwives are very concerned that there has been a five per cent rise in Caesareans in the past 10 years and that is worrying,' she added.
One even proclaimed that Scotland was particularly tied to Caesareans, especially for twin mums.