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an ancient seaport in northwestern Israel

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According to the Channel 2 show, shortly after the 2009 Israeli elections but before Netanyahu took office as prime minister, the couple engaged Benny Keren, a contractor from Kiryat Haim, to carry out work at their home in Caesarea.
In this interesting and learned book, two historians join hands to look with fresh eyes on the remarkable scholarly advances that took place in Caesarea in the third and fourth centuries during the lifetimes of Origen of Alexandria and Eusebius of Caesarea.
Nonetheless, by intimating that the Christian scholarly culture of Caesarea has its main antecedents in Greco-Roman philosophy, Grafton and Williams fail to do justice to the richness of its background.
Caesarea was built by Herod the Great in honor of Caesarea Augustus, ruler of the Roman Empire.
The Text of Matthew in the Writings of Basil of Caesarea.
This volume, part of the Society for New Testament Studies' Monograph Series, proceeds on the assertion that St Luke, not Eusebius of Caesarea, was the first Christian historian.
He and the Apostle Peter had simultaneous visions that eventually brought them together at Cornelius' home in Caesarea.
Rubenstein brings the characters to life: Athanasius, the redheaded, brilliant, ambitious and unrelenting authoritarian who, without a classic education, succeeded Alexander as bishop of Alexandria, and was equally adept at politics, intellectual debate and thuggery; Constantine, the "pragmatic" convert, won to Christ through a vision that Jesus was helping him destroy his a rival's army and gain an empire (Constantine postponed baptism until the end of his life because he recognized that he would need to sin seriously in the future to successfully expand and govern his empire); Eusebius of Caesarea and Eusebius of Nicodemia, consummate politicians who led the Arian factions.
Along that sunny coast sit a string of resorts - Caesarea, Haifa, Herzlia and the beautiful family holiday spot of Netanya.
For example, he goes beyond the original biblical text to point out that Caesarea, "a very prosperous city of Palestine" was "formerly called Strato's Tower" (69); that Saint Paul made his famous speech to the Athenians in "the quarter known as Mars," which was "the most celebrated place in Athens wherein cases of life and death were investigated in trials held at night" (108); and that Ephesus was "a maritime city in that part of Asia Minor which is properly and without qualification called Asia" (114).
OrthoSpace is a privately held medical device company located in Caesarea, Israel.
a Caesarea, Israel-based developer of innovative guidance systems and complementary products, has added Anat Kaphan to the company's executive ranks as vice president of marketing and product management, a newly established role with product development and corporate marketing being the primary responsibilities.
Basil of Caesarea is well known as one of the Eastern Church's earliest pioneers of monasticism, as a fourth-century ecclesiastical power broker, and as a moralist.
Enjoy a guided tour of Caesarea, the ancient Roman capital of Judea, walking tour of Acre, the only fullypreserved crusader city in the world and a boat cruise on the Sea of Galilee.
According to a report in Art Daily, the sarcophagus cover, which was discovered in Caesarea harbor in Israel, is on view for the public at a unique archaeological exhibition.