Caesalpinia echinata

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In most species the cells of the stigma are exposed at anthesis, except in Caesalpinia echinata (Fig.
Interestingly, even in caesalpinoids, which have no grouped pollen grains, orifices and furrows on the stigma may be related to the large size of pollen grains, ranging from 50 [micro]m in Caesalpinia echinata (Teixeira et al.
Interestingly, no exudate was found in Caesalpinia echinata, Cassia grandis and Senegalia polyphylla stigmas, contradicting the wide classification of legume stigma as wet (Heslop-Harrison & Shivanna, 1977; Owens, 1990).
Phenology, pollination, and breeding system of the threatened tree Caesalpinia echinata Lam.