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Synonyms for grasshopper

terrestrial plant-eating insect with hind legs adapted for leaping

a cocktail made of creme de menthe and cream (sometimes with creme de cacao)

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Ivan Castellanos-Vargas, 2005 Suborden: Caelifera Superfamilia: Pyrgomorphoidea Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1882 Familia: Pyrgomorphidae Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1882 Subfamilia: Pyrgomorphinae Brunner von Wattenwyl, 1882 Tribu: Sphenariini Bolivar, 1884 Genero: Sphenarium Charpentier, 1842 Especie y subespecie: Sphenarium purpurascens X X purpurascens Charpentier, 1842 Det.
carrion feeding Suborder: Caelifera Family: Romaleidae Romalea microptera (Beauvois)--excretion of chemicals Taeniopoda eques--carrion feeding Family: Acrididae Subfamily: Gomphocerinae Dichromorpha viridis--Intermediate host of Choanotaenia infundibulum Subfamily: Cyrtacanthacridinae Schistocerca americana--carrion feeding Schistocerca gregaria-large swarms lead to outbreaks of allergies, asthma, and cholera.
The Tetrigidae, or pygmy grasshoppers, are a monophyletic clade and forms a unique lineage among the Caelifera (grasshoppers) (Song et al.
Suborden Superfamilia Familia Ensifera Grylloidea Gryllidae Tettigonioidea Tettigoniidae Caelifera Acridoidea Acrididae Eumastacoidea Eumastacidae Pamphagoidea Pyrgomorphidae Tetrigoidea Tetrigidae Tridactyloidea Tridactylidae Subfamilia Genero Morfoespecie Eneopterinae Eneoptera Eneoptera sp.
To ensure the proper identification of Caelifera host species of the fungus, sweep-net samples of live grasshoppers were collected using the standard entomological net of 30 cm diameter.
Annotated list of Ensifera (Orthoptera) and further records on Caelifera (Orthoptera) of Mt Kilimanjaro, Tanzania.
The grasshoppers (Orthoptera: Acridoidea) are the largest super-family of the orthopteran suborder Caelifera with 11 families, 1709 genera and 7866 valid species (Eades et al.
maculipennis, like most Caelifera, exhibits female biased sexual size dimorphism (females larger than males) (Hochkirch & Groning 2008), all analyses that were performed needed to take into account such attribute.
Among Orthoptera they are found in several groups of Caelifera and Ensifera, in the latter in tettigonioids, but not in crickets (Gryllodea) (Bailey 2003).
Phylogeny of the Caelifera and the Orthoptera as derived from ribosomal gene sequences.
New species of Lagarolampis Descamps (Orthoptera, Caelifera, Romaleidae, Bactrophorinae) from Central America.
The phylogeny of the Caelifera (Insecta, Orthoptera) as deduced from mtrRNA gene sequences.