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orange-hued cadmium yellow pigment

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This summer, she hung a collection of artworks showcasing the glories of cadmium pigments, titled "Waiting for Cadmium.
The company also reports that it no longer uses cadmium pigments and is reducing as much as possible the use of lead chromates.
Nevertheless, in spite of numerous advancements in the search for possible alternatives, Graff does not yet see anything on the horizon that can provide the stability and color features of cadmium pigments.
14 Global Cadmium Pigments Market Estimates and Forecast, 2010 - 2018 (Kilo Tons)(USD Million) Fig.
Mixed metal oxide and cadmium pigments for PVC siding and profiles, high durability polyolefin, and engineering plastics applications.
Color pigments include Meteor and Meteor Plus complex inorganic pigments for applications requiring heat resistance and exterior durability; Engeltone organic pigments in a wide spectrum of colors; Engeltone low-soluble cadmium pigments for uses requiring good heat and light stability; and Engeltone lead chromate and moly orange pigments for cost-effective coloring.
Pigments include full color range of high-heat, nonbleeding, no-plateout fluores-cents; 6SSU Natural and GSS color series phosphorescent pigments; high brightness and extended afterglow LumiNova phosphorescent pigments; cadmium pigments for special engineering resins in a range of yellows, oranges, reds and maroons in both CF and lithopone forms; organic pigments such as Red Lake C, Red 2B, lithol rubines, diarylide yellows, and phthalocyanine blue and green; and titanium dioxide.
offers mixed metal oxide and cadmium pigments for PVC siding and profiles, high durability polyolefin, and engineering plastics applications.
It offers colorant values and physical properties similar to those of cadmium pigments when dispersed in plastics.
Until recent years, cadmium pigments were among those most widely used in rotomolding.
Replacing lead and cadmium pigments remains the biggest story - however the question is no longer "when?
If the environmentalist/regulator is successful in choking off the use of cadmium pigments, how would they propose to deal with the 2 million lb of toxic waste from the zinc industry?
car manufacturers will not accept plastic parts that contain cadmium pigments beginning in the 1998 model year.
Harshaw low-soluble cadmium pigments for end uses requiring good heat and light stability.
Court of Appeals in Atlanta granted a stay of the OSHA Cadmium Air Standard, solely as it pertains to cadmium pigments, on December 3, 1993.