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an ancient port city in southwestern Spain

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Analysis of red-legged partridges (Alectoris rufa) and common pheasants (Phasianus colchicus) for WNV and BAGV, Cadiz, Spain, 2010 * Virus No.
Construction of the twin Concentrated Solar Power plants -- Valle 1 and Valle 2 -- in Cadiz, Spain, will generate up to 7.
De la Rosa Fox is affiliated with the University of Cadiz, Spain.
The onscreen pair will be seen riding a motorcycle alongside bulls in Cadiz, Spain.
Cadiz, Spain, May 26 (ONA) The Oman Journalists Association (OJA) is taking part in the general conference of the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ) being held in Cadiz in southern Spain during May 24th - 28th themed "Future of Journalism".
BAHRAIN'S Abbas Al Ghuraifi clinched a win on the second day of action in the CSN showjumping competition held at the Montenmedio Equestrian Center in Cadiz, Spain.
The toughest test for Munoz might have been keeping her emotions in check during her 4-and-3 semifinal victory over 19-year-old best friend Belen Mozo, who grew up in Cadiz, Spain, and led USC to the NCAA team title this spring.
The Storks of La Caridad" is Professor Emerita Florence Weinberg's third historical mystery featuring Father Ygnacio Pfefferkorn, a detective priest character based on an actual historical Jesuit missionary who was forcibly removed from his Sonora Desert mission around 1767 to be imprisoned for 6 years near Cadiz, Spain before being sent to La Caridad and the Norbertines for two years.
Visteon engineered the instrument clusters in the United Kingdom and India, and produces them at plants in Alba, Hungary, and Cadiz, Spain.
But they suffered real misfortune in the youths' event over the San Roque course in Cadiz, Spain, and the boys' contest in Malmo, Sweden, and were unfortunate not to go through to the last four.
June 1-3: The XXII Spanish Coffee Congress, Cadiz, Spain.
He set off from Cadiz, Spain, last August for the gruelling journey, thought to be the longest distance single-handedly rowed across the Atlantic.
In Cadiz, Spain, crew members from frigate HMS Chatham represented the Royal Navy in commemorative religious services and a military parade.
A month after she scooped her Oscar, Halle's thrown her whole body into her new role - seen here on-set in Cadiz, Spain, as the sexy villain, Jinx, in the new Bond movie, Die Another Day.
Selected, peer reviewed papers from the 4th Manufacturing Engineering Society International Conference, September 2011, Cadiz, Spain