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cascadae, mayflies (particularly Heptageniidae) were unimportant in the diet, whereas caddis flies of the family Philopotamidae accounted for approximately 30% of total volume.
Atthe resort's Tent City, roughing it means canvas-walled platform tents with oil paintings hanging above king-size feather beds surrounded by plush pile rugs; terrycloth robes as fluffy as Big Sky Country clouds; elk-antler bedside lamps; turndown service with caddis flies for fishing in lieu of chocolates; private bathrooms with steam showers and heated slate floors in an adjacent bathhouse; in-tent spa treatments and much-needed massages.
It's a Sam missile: Georgios Samaras rises to head home the winner yesterday that moves the Hoops to the top of the league and, main pic, he celebrates with Barry Robson; Caddis flies in: Hoops kid Paul makes a saving tackle to deny Lee Miller and gets a pat on the back from relieved Artur Boruc (inset); Nak that: Nakamura holds off Alan Maybury; May dance: McGeady chases after Maybury
As youngsters pore over colorful drawings that include bacteria, algae, caddis flies, and shrimp, their narrator offers sound effects to explain the depicted predation: "Swim and snap
Animals such as mayflies, stoneflies, caddis flies and freshwater shrimps are very sensitive to pollution and can act as an "early warning system" which will indicate if a river is at risk.
Fly fishers did well at Hot Creek, where midges and caddis flies put in an appearance.
Caddis flies are found in many different freshwater environments.
This photograph from Man Eating Bugs by Peter Menzel and Faith D'Aluisio (Ten Speed Press, 1998) shows zaza-mushi, larvae of aquatic caddis flies, retrieved from Japan's Tenryu River.
Brigham clocked the foraging times of both nighthawks and bats and found that the birds hunted an average of 70 minutes nightly, making 18 attacks a minute on caddis flies and flying ants.