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any dog trained to assist police especially in tracking

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In February, for instance, cadaver dog evidence helped convict a suburban Chicago man, Aurelio Montano, of killing his wife.
Overall, the Cadaver Dog Handbook presents itself as a quick reference guide on a range of subjects within the framework of forensics.
Investigators didn't say what they were searching for, but at least two vehicles were reportedly taken away from the property and a cadaver dog was brought in.
Training a cadaver dog can be expensive and then there are other costs like funding a boat or the dog may have to be 'bought in' from another police force or organisation," added Lorna.
A swift-water raft team, divers and a cadaver dog have worked with detectives on the search.
Our plan would be to send a small team of eight people with two dogs - a search and rescue dog to find survivors, and a cadaver dog to locate dead people.
Doug Roller, chief dog trainer for the LAPD, said he understands the distinct differences between handling a patrol dog and handling a cadaver dog.
Investigators - including a state police officer and cadaver dog - combed through the debris into the late afternoon.
The cadaver dog picked up a "scent of death" on everything from Kate McCann's clothes to the missing four year-old's favourite soft toy Cuddle Cat, according to reports.
Sniffer dogs and a specialist cadaver dog, trained to find human remains, were also being used to search the house and grounds.
Nordstrom and Nikko, one of just six FBI cadaver dog teams across the nation, were in Washington for a week after the Sept.
They have contacted the defence team of a man accused of killing his wife in a case where cadaver dog evidence was key.
The team, which includes three cadaver dog handlers, three emergency physicians and their staff, construction specialists, fiber-optic recovery specialists and others, was in relatively good spirits before embarking on what they knew would probably be one of the most traumatic and demanding missions of their careers.
They will be supported by a cadaver dog, specially trained officers and a forensic team manager.