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a public register showing the details of ownership and value of land


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Australian cadastral maps lack a clear series statement, so ordinarily it would not be possible to retrieve a full set of a state's cadastral maps for browsing purposes.
It is not possible to be more precise, as the surviving historical records are silent on when the Survey Branch decided to produce its cadastral map series with the scale of one inch to two miles (1:126 720).
Bulgaria's caretaker government had allocated a total of BGN 500 000 to the preparation of a cadastral map of dunes.
Nekilnojamojo daikto ribu zymejimo nekilnojamojo turto kadastro zemelapyje ir kadastro zemelapio tikslinimo techniniai reikalavimai [Technical requirements for boundary marking the property objects in the real property cadastral map and revision of cadastral map].
This establishes a sheet of a list cadastral map, so called section sheet (hereinafter SS only).
A million dollars a year was saved in provincial cadastral map updating costs as a result of the digital submission and registration process.
From the Renaissance until the late nineteenth century the cadastral map was, in many areas, an established adjunct to effective government monitoring and control of land.
It replicates a conventional cadastral map with all the linework and lots and complete annotation.
For instance, the National Library has a 1799 copy of the first cadastral map produced by Charles Grimes, the then Deputy Colonial Surveyor General, which was not included.
The case concerned an objection filed against a local cadastral map.
Currently there is a sufficient number of land-surveyors in our country as well as higher requirements set for land plot marking on a real estate cadastral map.
20 (Petra) -- The Royal Jordanian Geographic Centre (RJGC) signed on Monday a cooperation protocol with two Korean companies in the field of Geographic Information System (GIS) and the production of cadastral map.
The role of the organization is to collect data on registered properties in the Netherlands and beyond, record the data in public registers and cadastral maps and make the information available to businesses, government officials and the public.
The project will involve the conversion of around 7,000 analogue cadastral maps, representing 50% of Lebanon's territory, into digital maps, as well as the installation of hardware, the development and implementation of special Geographical Information Systems applications and the training of staff.