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Synonyms for nopal

cactus having yellow flowers and purple fruits

any of several cacti of the genus Nopalea resembling prickly pears

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For their first challenge, the chefs hack off spiny cactus pads from the desert, pull out all the needles and create a tasty dish for judge Graywolf of the Yoeme Indian Tribe.
Spines shaved off, cactus pads go into soup, salad, other dishes
Cactus moth larvae feed within cactus pads, also referred to as cladodes, which are then quickly taken over by bacterial rot and fungi, and which kill the plant (Mann 1970).
Chosen Foods Cactus Chews are made from strips of gently dehydrated, sweetened nopal cactus pads and then seasoned with 100% natural flavors like lime, sea salt, chili powder and tamarind.
Split hooves rang on the hollow rocks from all directions until three dozen Spanish goats--billies, nannies, and kids--swooped into sight among the rocks and cactus above and below me, tearing green pulpy cactus pads flee, their beards dripping with juice.
I stirred in the roasted peppers and bacon from earlier, added two 16-ounce cans of red kidney beans and a 12-ounce can of pintos, a 14-ounce jar of nopalitos (young cactus pads, a Mexican delicacy, available in the ethnic section of most groceries), which I'd already rinsed, drained and chopped.
Their eating habits vary by range, but herbs, annual forbs, grasses, shrubs, cactus pads, and fruit make up the bulk of their diet.