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Keepers at the Birmingham Nature Centre discovered the two endangered cacatua sulphurea birds worth pounds 3,500 a pair missing from their home on Saturday morning.
The birds - scientific name Cacatua Sulphurea - are described as having white feathers, with a yellow crest, grey feet, and are 33cm tall.
These included 1) treating with 95% sulphuric acid then placing in a growth cabinet at 25 [degrees] C; 2) fracturing fruit coat then placing in a glasshouse; 3) abrading fruit coat then placing in a glasshouse; 4) fruit being ingested by Lichenostomus virescens (singing honeyeater), Columa livia (domestic pigeon), Streptopelia senegalensis (laughing dove), Cacatua galerita (sulphur-crested cockatoo), and Melopsittacus undulatus (budgerigar); 5) placing in four constant temperature regimes of 10 [degrees], 15 [degrees], 20 [degrees], and 30 [degrees] C; and 6) submerging fruit in either bubbling oxygenated or de-oxygenated water for 24 hours then placing in a growth cabinet at 10 [degrees], 15 [degrees], 20 [degrees], and 25 [degrees] C.
The breeding biology, food, social organization, demography and conservation of the Major Mitchell or Pink Cockatoo, Cacatua leadbeateri, on the margin of the western Australian wheatbelt.
The genera Psittacus, Amazona, and Nymphicus are predisposed to atherosclerosis, whereas the genera Cacatua and Ara are less susceptible.