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The cacao pods proliferate the trunk signifying a healthy fertile life of continuity and balance.
Each indulgent mix comes with a separate packet of sugar and spice topping to complement the flavor, along with a decorative cacao pod stencil to enable home chefs to create their own individual works of art.
The species Proisotoma minima (Collembola: Isotomidae) has been recorded once previously associated with Ponerinae (Hymenoptera: Formicidae) ant nests found in cacao pods (Castano-Meneses et al.
We sucked the custardy pulp off the seeds inside cacao pods, smelled clove buds and peeled a bit of bark from a cinnamon tree.
Choa decorated the business center with cacao branches, leaves, chocolate paintings, rocks and cacao pods, creating a mountain vibe in the otherwise corporate setting.
The cacao pods can also be made into fine fuel briquette, a good alternative for firewood considering that one pressing issue the region faces today is deforestation due to charcoal production.
Thirsty attendees can also try Suavva Cacao Fruit Smoothies that will showcase their cold-squeezed signature drinks made from South American cacao pods.