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an island country in the Atlantic off the coast of Senegal

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Cape Verdean Bishop Arlindo Gomes Furtado of Santiago de Cabo Verde, 65
12) Por restricoes de espaco, nao sera abordada a presenca do esporte em periodicos semelhantes publicados nas colonias, como o Boletim Cultural da Guine Portuguesa, o Boletim Cultural da Camara Municipal de Luanda e o Cabo Verde - Boletim de Informacao e Propaganda.
About Cabo Verde Capital Inc: Cabo Verde Capital's activities are based on three main pillars: Real Estate, Hospitality and Casino development and the exploitation of these three segments.
Cabo Verde also was impacted last year by the Ebola outbreak that led to a fall in tourist numbers throughout West Africa.
Cabo Verde e Sao Tome e Principe tambem sentiriam os desdobramentos desse novo contexto, mesmo que nao tenham ocorrido embates belicos em seus limites.
According to the company, the Horizon solution set for Cabo Verde will allow for a phased introduction of e-ticketing, online booking, ancillary online sales and other solutions, such as an automated Revenue Integrity System and a Frequent Flyer Program.
The government of Cabo Verde (Cape Verde) is projecting to establish Electra RenovEiveis, a company that would be responsible for formulating the renewable energy sector in the country before the end of the year.
Her tenure as Minister of Finance of Cabo Verde has been Highly successfully in terms of riding the global economic crisis And diversifying the economy.
12) No entanto, no ano seguinte, o Conselho Ultramarino ja recebia autorizacao para indicar para o governo de Cabo Verde gente sem o referido foro, pois nao havia opositores que o tivessem.
International partnerships already established with countries such as Spain, France, Brazil, Angola, Mozambique and Cabo Verde, guarantees the implementation of global solutions.
6m contract from Transportes Aereos de Cabo Verde (TACV), the Cape Verde Airlines.
As part of the agreement, AEG will distribute the new Neonode N2 in Portugal, Brazil, Mozambique, Angola and Cabo Verde.
Port companies Enapor Portos de Cabo Verde and Porto do Recife have inked a technical cooperation deal.
In terms of the global financial meltdown and the economic crisis in the Eurozone, how has that affected Cabo Verde and how have you dealt with it?