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a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

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With one level for vehicles and a second for cablecars to get pedestrians across the river, the massive structure would provide a modern accompaniment to the region's famed bridges.
Cablecar are Adrian Burrows on vocals and guitar, Dave Cheethamon drums, Matt McWilliams on bass, Rich Robinson on guitar and Mike Fibres on keys.
For the really brave, a trip to the summit by cablecar is a must.
And of course there is skiing in the winter term, with the slopes only a short cablecar ride away, and climbing expeditions into the mountains all year round.
A trip up Table Mountain in the new cablecar - the base of which revolves as you go up - is fantastic.
In to It is held across 66 hectares of parkland with more than 100 exhibitors, Europe's largest indoor flower show and the biggest cablecar ride in the Netherlands.
Back at Garda, don't miss Malcesine, a medieval village on the north-east shore with a tiny harbour, narrow streets, a 12th century castle and a rotating cablecar up 6,000ft Monte Baldo.
The cablecar ride is an attraction in itself, with spectacular views over the Chain Bridge and across the River Danube.
We travelled by cablecar from the port of Trapani up a giddy 750 metres to the top of the mountain where we wandered through ancient alleys in the shadow of churches and forts before enjoying sweeping views of the valley and sea beneath us.
Locals desperate to escape the heat only have to take the Aerial Tramway cablecar, which rises 8,516ft to the summit of Mount Jacinto.
Several options are being considered for improving access to the quays, including a pedestrian bridge over the Oakenwellgate junction, a monorail or a cablecar.
This is supplemented by a no-less expansive array of other means of public transport, which is composed of around 500 railway, bus, tram, cablecar and lake boat enterprises.
The Paradise Point Tramway - a cablecar ride - takes you 700ft up for a wonderful panorama over Charlotte Amalie and the harbour.
A lawyer acting for a US Marine linked with last month's Italian cablecar tragedy has been beaten to death with a hammer.
The purpose-built resort of Sentosa sits on a tiny islet linked to Singapore by a short causeway and scenic cablecar.