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a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

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Rosen's, MaryAnn, Kreamo, Castle, National, CableCar and Golden Hearth brands.
The torso of a broad shouldered man flows seamlessly from the fabric of an old-fashioned armchair, a mountain goat is half-transformed into a descending cablecar, and a powerfully-built stag sprouts electric lamps instead of antlers.
Libya argues that victims' compensation be based on the precedent of America's payment to the survivors of the Iranian airliner downed in 1988 and the cablecar that fell in the Italian Alps in 1999, when an American warplane severed its cable.
Most tourists will, of course, want to walkup or ride-up the cablecar to the summit of Table Mountain at least once during their stay.
Relax in a beach restaurant Pretty harbour on Naxos, largest of the Cyclades Climb up to Fira by cablecar Sunset in Oia, Santorini Bougainvillea-lined alley on Paros
Mr Thompson said the cablecar plan was in response to a Gateshead Council proposition to install a ski-lift style way of getting passengers from the Quayside to the town centre.
The easiest ascent is by 360-degree rotating cablecar, a five minute trip which costs less than pounds 10 return, with special family and group packages even less.
Locals desperate to escape the heat only have to take the Aerial Tramway cablecar, which rises 8,516ft to the summit of Mount Jacinto.
Also on the bill at the ECHO Spotlight gig are Warrington band Cablecar.
As we looked for some refreshment at the summit cafe, we both felt far superior to the lazy souls who took the cablecar.
For the really brave, a trip to the summit by cablecar is a must.
Zermatt, which has a charming town at the foot of the Matterhorn, has a sunny southern exposure, slopes for all abilities, the highest aerial cablecar in the Alps (12,533 feet), and a ski route to Cervinia, Italy, over the Theodulpass, where you can enjoy lunch.
And of course there is skiing in the winter term, with the slopes only a short cablecar ride away, and climbing expeditions into the mountains all year round.
A trip up Table Mountain in the new cablecar - the base of which revolves as you go up - is fantastic.
In to It is held across 66 hectares of parkland with more than 100 exhibitors, Europe's largest indoor flower show and the biggest cablecar ride in the Netherlands.