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a conveyance for passengers or freight on a cable railway

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From the station Stand (2450 m) to the top of Mount Titlis (3020 m), ride on the first revolving aerial cable-car in the world, called "Rotair".
The cable-car line links Singapore's southern coast with the nearby Sentosa island resort, with each two-way trip lasting about 20 minutes.
At High Camp, at the top of the cable-car lift, there is a skating rink - but not one of those little dinky ones that are popping up at many ski areas.
RIO DE JANEIRO has a cable-car system to ferry tourists up to Pao de Acucar and back.
The company will use the loan to finance current operations and the future development of the cable-car line.
The worst cable-car disaster of all time was on the Cavalese cable car in Italy.