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television that is transmitted over cable directly to the receiver

a television system that transmits over cables

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It provides a return of investment that benefits the people of Worcester in excess of $15 million over a 10-year cable franchise.
The draft legislation would designate the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) as the issuer of a national cable franchise.
Area mayors contacted for this story said they would like the a la carte cable subscription idea to be on the city meeting agenda next time the cable franchise agreement is up for renewal.
Based on interviews with 100 randomly sampled cable franchises that completed FCC's 2002 survey, GAO's preliminary analysis indicates that FCC's survey may not be a reliable source of information on the cost factors underlying cable rate increases.
In all Telewest currently owns and operates 28 cable franchises in the UK, with stakes in another three cable operators, covering 4.
The Company has disclosed in its recent public filings that the fair values of its cable franchise rights in many of its regions approximated their carrying values.
While Worcester has the highest cable subscriber rate in the state outside Boston, he said, its public access channel gets a smaller percentage of the cable franchise fee compared to many other cities in the state
Comcast, naturally, insists AT&T should be required to negotiate the same cable franchise agreements with municipalities that the cable giant is forced to comply with.
In the past two weeks, the troubled cable franchise has angered thousands of its local customers with poor service.
That evening, the Baltimore County Council voted to grant a competitive cable franchise to American Broadband.
Betty Ann Kane, Federal Relations Advisor, Miller & Holbrooke, is editor of the The Local Official's Guide to Cable Franchise Renewal, to be prepared by Miller & Holbrooke Information Services and published by the National League of Cities.
Excite@Home has over 14 million cable franchise homes under contract outside of North America and localized versions of the Excite service in 15 leading international markets.
In the United States, Ikusi's products are being marketed initially to telecommunications service providers, Multiple System Operators (MSOs, or cable franchise operators), DBS system operators and Private Cable Operators (PCOs) that want to offer broadband services to business and residential customers.
Innovations in technology, changes in regulatory framework and the cable franchise renewal process were also discussed.