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Leadership has to come from the top and whilst we are pleased to see steps have already been taken to deliver cabinet-level political accountability, we are also clear that business must also have a seat at the top table to drive through these changes.
The President's move to elevate the head of the SBA to cabinet-level was greeted with praise from many small business advocates.
Hu Chung-ying, deputy minister of the Cabinet-level Council for Economic Planning and Development (CEPD), echoed CIER's outlook, pointing to the worse-than-expected impact of power rationing on Japan's economy.
That is only slightly higher than the 38% who rated Bush's Cabinet-level appointments positively in January 2001.
O'Brien also wants to elevate the Office of Human Resources to a Cabinet-level department status.
However there is a point where politicians have to lead by example and can you encourage your cabinet-level colleagues to take up hybrid cars?
Bush and through regulatory changes affecting various cabinet-level departments and lower federal offices.
At the 19th Cabinet-level talks between the Koreas in South Korea last week, North Korea left early without any agreement after the South refused to provide food and fertilizer aid.
The South Korean position was delivered to the North Korean side at a plenary meeting of the 19th inter-Korean Cabinet-level talks in the South Korean city Busan.
Mansfield's role was instrumental in elevating the VA to a Cabinet-level department.
Former Education Secretary Baroness Morris last night said that she failed to cope with Cabinet-level politics because she was a woman.
Bush ridiculed the Massachusetts Democrat for wanting to increase taxes, ban semiautomatic weapons, raise the EPA to Cabinet-level status, and halt offshore drilling for oil.
The Great Lakes Regional Collaboration (GLRC), a cabinet-level task force to coordinate environmental policy in the Great Lakes region, is looking for manufacturing industry participation in its new Issue Area Strategy Teams, which will discuss pertinent policy topics.
Buchsbaum and other Great Lakes experts describe the collaboration and cabinet-level task force as both unique and beneficial.
Pending confirmation, he will be the 20th person to oversee the cabinet-level department.