black cherry

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Synonyms for black cherry

large North American wild cherry with round black sour edible fruit

any of several fruits of cultivated cherry trees that have sweet flesh

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As an outside bet, Peter Mandelson could be offered a third bite at the Cabinet cherry.
It has also been suggested Tony Blair might offer a third bite at the Cabinet cherry to New Labour project architect Peter Mandelson.
The species most used for commercial timber in the United States is Prunus serotina, also known as American black cherry, wild black cherry, cherrywood, cabinet cherry, and choke, whiskey and rum cherry.
At an average weight of 38 lbs per cubic foot, European cherry is slightly heavier than black or cabinet cherry from North America, which has an average weight of 36 lbs per cubic foot.
Its use in free furniture is so revered it is sometimes referred to as cabinet cherry.
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