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United States writer of satirical novels (1879-1958)

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About Cabell Huntington Advanced Reproductive Medicine
Mary s is the biggest private employer in Cabell County.
Al-Mubarak said that Cabell called in last March on the British Parliament to reduce the level of Britain diplomatic representation in Sudan as part of a hostile campaign being launched by the Israeli lobby in London.
Cabell tried to ignore the suspect, the man threatened to "pop" him and made a gesture suggesting he had a gun, according to Ms.
Cabell, who's also in town for the show, met the prince for the first time about six years ago.
Part of the show focused on a menu makeover in Cabell County Schools, a 12,700-student district.
The McCallister House is an original frontier log house, first built by Ulster immigrant Richard McCallister in Cabell County, West Virginia, in 1827.
Cabell and 2007 winner Shenyang who recently made his debut at the Met in New York.
Charles Waugh on page 27 lets a Cabell reference slip by (the Gray Mouser referring to himself as "a monstrous clever fellow," a phrase that echoes throughout Jurgen) without even apparently realizing what it is.
Robert Cabell is suing Sandler, Columbia Pictures, Sony and Happy Madison Productions for ripping off his own Navy Seal-turned-hairdresser character.
Writer Robert Cabell turned to the Manhattan Federal court and filed legal papers against the 'Reign Over Me' star and chiefs at Happy Madison Productions, Sony and Columbia Pictures in New York.
Elsewhere, Cabell Fisher of the US clinched the class 'A' victory in the DHL Gulf Radical Cup's second race of the weekend.
Brenda Lee Yeager, 51, of Lincoln County, disappeared in the Mount Union area of Cabell County on July 31 while visiting the home where Steven Anthony Foster Jr.
Mayo, who has committed to play at USC this fall, was one of four young men cited for misdemeanor possession of marijuana late Friday, according to Cabell County (W.