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toxic green larva of a cabbage butterfly

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Utilization of energy and nitrogen by larvae of the imported cabbage worm, Pieris rapae as affected by parasitism by Apanteles glomeratus.
Cabbage worms and tomato hornworms are the other two insects that I take the time to find when I see damage that I have come to know is theirs.
The cabbage worm has legs all along its body and moves flat against the leaves.
While cabbage worms are the most familiar unwanted diners, the first pests these plants face may be cutworms and root maggots, said Lee Townsend, University of Kentucky Extension entomologist.
Cabbage worms and cabbage loopers can be problems with--what else?
Cabbage worms, a lesser problem, can be combated with the caterpillar-destroying bacteria Bacillus thuringiensis, alone or with row covers.
Brassicas attract a legion of pests, including cabbage worms, cabbage root maggots, flea beetles, cutworms and slugs.
Weekly applications of Bacillus thurengiensis (Bt), which is available in dust or liquid form, gives cabbage worms fatal indigestion.
Floating row covers help deter cabbage worms and loopers.
To protect plants from aphids and cabbage worms, cover seedlings with floating row covers.
Cabbage loppers and cabbage worms present the biggest problem.
Planted among early cole crops, sage helps repel the cute little yellow butterflies that produce cabbage worms.
Many of the companion lists suggest that marigolds repel some garden pests, particularly cabbage worms and Mexican bean beetles.
Control aphids with insecticidal soap, apply Bacillus thuringiensis at the first sign of cabbage worms, and bait for slugs.
We protect our kohlrabi seedlings from root maggots with row covers until they're large enough to fend for themselves, and we sometimes spray with Bt (Bacillus thuringiensis) to control cabbage worms.