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Synonyms for kabbalah

an esoteric or occult matter resembling the Kabbalah that is traditionally secret

an esoteric theosophy of rabbinical origin based on the Hebrew scriptures and developed between the 7th and 18th centuries

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Kafka's true ancestors, the substance of his flesh and spirit, were an unruly crowd of Talmudists, Cabalists, medieval mystics resting uneasy beneath the jumble of heaving, weather-beaten tombstones in Prague's Old Cemetery, seekers in search of reason for their faith.
Surely something would have come when I meditated under the direction of the Cabalists.
To keep David's heroic image polished like a shield, supple like a sling, the cabalists worked overtime on the alibis he needed for the things he did to luckless types like Bathsheba's hubby.
Basola was also in close contact with Christian cabalists such as the Hebraist Guillaume Postel, who spoke of Basola as one "who by his outstanding erudition was renowned as pope and chief of all the Jews of this century" (
The philosophical system of Theosophy has long roots, going back perhaps to the Gnostics and the Cabalists.
And he wants the trial to have been the moment when "business as usual" Renaissance politics died, when it was no longer possible to "keep up appearances" by day, all the while consulting astrologers, cabalists, and magicians by night.
Nowadays it seems so natural and so usual that we manipulate it with ease and we discover its ancestors among medieval cabalists or among other commentators of sacred texts.
In the mysticism of the medieval cabalists, "each letter of the Hebrew alphabet was considered to be connected to an angel.
In the five-act drama Der Golem in Bayreuth, studded with parodies of Wagner's Parsifal, choruses of young boys, seven cabalists, and the Festspiel society, Berkewicz uses popular and traditional music combined with familiar alienation techniques to explore questions of identity and transcendence in the Judeo-Christian setting.
For Chapter 3, for example, I noted: architecture, humours, melancholia, the esoteric, masculinity/femininity, science/nature, the domination of science, cabalists, and The Tempest.
Clinton said she was interested in cabala, and that the city of cabalists had always aroused her curiosity,'' said Israeli government spokesman Aviv Bushinsky.
However, the Cabalists, a theosophical and mystical Jewish movement, gained popularity in medieval Spain It retained the Apocalyptic imagery in speculation about such issues as the anticipated return to Jerusalem, the arrival of the Messiah, and the end of history.
When, frightened by the Thirty Years' War in the seventeenth century, Johann Valentin Andreae, Tommaso Campanella and Guillaume Postel all took time off from looking for a perfect language to draw up projects for an ideal republic to insure the universal peace, maybe their behavior had more to recommend it than, say, the characteristic paralysis of our own literary vanguard--those ecstatic cabalists who have assured us there's no such thing as causality, history, rational planning, coherent representation, intelligent action or ethical purpose, only showbiz--just as the artists of Them (or Lascaux, or Altamira) could teach Picasso something about jouissance.