calcium sulfate

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a white salt (CaSO4)

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Calcium sulfate hemihydrate (CSH, CaSO4 x 1/2 H2O) powders are currently being produced as a bone substitute, and many corporations such as Smith & Nephew and Wright Medical Technology are marketing self-setting, orthopedic cements based on pure CSH.
Sodium alginate solution (2%) was prepared with distilled water, sodium tripolyphosphate (Na TPP) and CaSO4 1.
Ettringite is stable in the presence of excess CaSO4 and solid Ca(OH)2 at pH = 10.
After the hydrolysis, neutralization process was achieved by adding lime, which also removed the toxic materials by absorption in the precipitated CaSO4.
The gypsum deposits at this concession are of high quality (purity of 85 95% CaSO4.