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a sudden loss of consciousness resulting when the rupture or occlusion of a blood vessel leads to oxygen lack in the brain

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In addition to securing votes from over 75% of all creditors, for a CVA to be approved a company also needs the support of over 50% of unconnected creditors, of which landlords are the largest group for Mamas & Papas".
Doug Derscheid, current CEO of CVA, says that in his 44 years of cooperative employment, including 38 in CEO positions, he has witnessed many mergers and acquisitions.
The end result of treatment of a patient with CVA is improved by early examination and treatment of temporary symptoms and by ensuring that the patient receives follow-up care (Brereton & Nolan, 2002; Kaypa Hoito, 2011).
As UBIG's appointment was very recent and the administrator of Ukio is liaising with them over the proposal it was decided it would be sensible to allow them a further period to look at the CVA details.
The League told the Telegraph on Tuesday there was now no hope of the ten points being handed back to the Sky Blues as the rejection of the CVA had resulted in the League on the same day handing its crucial "golden share" to Sisu company Otium to run the club.
CVA actuators deliver continuous, repeatable modulating control with a programmable fail to position option.
Liz Peace, chief executive of the British Property Federation, said landlords will consider the CVA offer on a business-by-business and a site-by-site basis.
However, as the statistics show the use of the CVA process is considerably less than that of other insolvency routes.
A CVA is a legal arrangement between a company and its creditors, which involves the company repaying a fixed amount that is lower than its actual outstanding debt.
Hanrahan CPA, CFP, CFE, CVA, MCBA Graduated, cum laude, with a B.
After going into administration at the end of February, Portsmouth agreed a CVA - a creditors' voluntary arrangement, in which every creditor was paid back one pound in every five.
The airline entered administration in June 2008 and exited through a Company Voluntary Arrangement (CVA) with it creditors, which was completed in February 2010, in June 2010 the airline sought creditor's approval for a second CVA which was granted.
Maria Anastasi, CVA President, was optimistic about the future for Cypriot pooches.
Natural CVA is found in the hard exoskeletons of flies and theoretically released when the flies bump against each other.
The CVA plan follows a string of closures of Blacks, Free Spirit and Millets stores across the West Midlands, including three at Merry Hill, two at Sutton Coldfield and others in Birmingham, Redditch and Wolverhampton.