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Synonyms for cur

Synonyms for cur

an inferior dog or one of mixed breed

a cowardly and despicable person

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We believe that CURS customers will benefit from the ability to integrate CURS technology on the mainframe with EagleEye's MultiPlatform CONTROL-SA for distributed systems," said Rudiger Zastrow, director of banking and insurance with EDS Germany.
As a result of this transaction, CURS customers will now be able to take advantage of our engineering resources and benefit from a broader support of platforms, applications and security systems.
CURS Provides Support For Major Mainframe Applications
As a comprehensive security management system for the mainframe environment, CURS includes advanced administration capabilities such as Automated Approval System for security administration transactions and enhanced audit capabilities.
For more information on MultiPlatform CONTROL-SA and CURS inside North America, please contact New Dimension Software, Inc.