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a method of examining body organs by scanning them with X rays and using a computer to construct a series of cross-sectional scans along a single axis

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Spiral CT scanning can potentially save millions of lives a year.
Lewis Meyer, Imatron's CEO, commented, "This recognition of the importance of ultrafast CT scanning as a top advance in heart disease and stroke research represents an important validation of Imatron's marketing strategy.
CT scanning is a powerful tool for mold designers and for production and quality departments.
HCC is also offering farmers 50% grants for CT scanning for up to 10 animals per holding.
2) This study also highlighted the fact that a too restrictive approach in selection for CT scanning may risk the failure to detect a significant intracranial lesion.
The pooling of contrast material in the venous system and in the dependent parts of the right side of the body has been described in very few previous reports, and it was suggested that these CT findings were indicative of cardiac arrest during or immediately after CT scanning.
While the use of CT scans to screen people at high risk for lung cancer remains the subject of debate, the study authors wrote that CT scanning has a slightly higher detection rate than mammography (for breast cancer screening), is cost effective and may save lives.
Although the study is a welcome foray into lung cancer screening, it doesn't establish CT scanning as an effective test, says pulmonologist Michael Unger of the Fox Chase Cancer Center in Philadelphia.
It is difficult to directly compare the results of different studies that have used computed tomography (CT) scan to evaluate patients for appendicitis due to the use of various exclusion and inclusion guideline criteria, different CT scanning techniques and protocols that use or do not use any combination of oral, rectal, and IV contrast.
There is a report in the September 2004 issue of Radiology that investigated the potential effect of low doses of radiation exposure from whole-body CT scanning.
They estimated lifetime cancer mortality risk based on a representative whole-body CT scanning protocol using a multidetector CT (Siemens AG).
Their estimates of lifetime cancer mortality risk were made on the basis of a representative whole-body CT scanning protocol using a multidetector CT (Siemens AG).
A recent CT scanning survey of 200 shipyard workers revealed pleural plaques in more than 100 men.
However, CT scanning takes time and thus may delay appropriate treatment.
This has almost revolutionized CT scanning,'' said Jim Jackson, the hospital's director of diagnostic imaging.