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a method of examining body organs by scanning them with X rays and using a computer to construct a series of cross-sectional scans along a single axis

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Speed and cost also favor CT scanning for the kind of safety-critical parts molded by Prism Plastics.
The next CT scanning programme in the North East area will be happening soon.
A recent study evaluated clinical presentation prior to CT scanning in patients suspected of having meningitis.
I congratulate the NCI for completing this paradigm-changing study demonstrating the effectiveness of using CT scanning to reduce the mortality rate of lung cancer.
A larger, prospective study comparing complete and miniseries CT scanning for sinus disease should be conducted to better calculate the specificity and sensitivity of this diagnostic test.
Ultrafast CT scanning is making a major contribution to the field of cardiology.
Similar scenes occur daily at thousands of hospitals in which computerized tomography, or CT scanning, has become a mainstay of medical diagnosis.
David Goldenberg, chairman, presented a case study in which a patient with pulmonary fibrosis caused by prior radiation therapy demonstrated abnormal images in chest x-rays and CT scanning.
The Infrascanner can facilitate rapid identification by prioritizing patients for CT scanning and triaging patients requiring transport to a facility with neurosurgery capability.
The results suggest that for 50-year-old men, CT scanning would accelerate diagnosis in 2 percent of individuals, but that a stunning 90.
Clearly the specificity is far superior to CT scanning and chest X rays as our test correctly ruled out cancer in more than 87% of the non-cancer controls whereas CT screening has a false positive rate of more than 50%.
Not all researchers consider CT scanning of the colon as effective as conventional colonoscopy (SN: 5/1/04, p.
The next CT scanning programme in the Tyneside area is going in September.
For every 50 people who have annual CT scanning for 30 years beginning at age 45, therefore, 1 would die of cancer induced by the accumulated radiation from the scans, the scientists say.