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an image produced by scanning


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Browse full research report with TOC on " Portable X-Ray And CT Scan Devices Market Analysis By Technology (X-Ray Devices, CT Scan Devices,High Slice Scanners) And Segment Forecasts And Forecasts, 2015 To 2022" at : http://www.
About two to three hundreds patients undergo CT scan test daily in this hospital and the patients are now advised to arrange this test in private clinics or laboratories , The patient has to incur scan test expenses amounting to Rs 4000 which is beyond the reach of poor people.
Many people who experience severe headaches want a CT scan to see whether they're caused by a brain tumor or other serious problem.
Private laboratories, hospitals and clinics charge upto Rs 9,000 and 12,000 for plain and contrast CT scans respectively.
They wrote: "The increased incidence of cancer after CT scan exposure in this cohort was mostly due to irradiation.
A chest CT exposes patients to more than 400 times the radiation dose of a regular chest X-ray Over the last 15 years, radiation exposure has skyrocketed, not because of radiation treatment, but because of the use of CT scans for diagnosis.
Because we now know that CT confers an increased, albeit small, risk of cancer, good clinical judgement is needed to justify performing each CT scan, using as low a dose as possible.
London, June 7 ( ANI ): Children who have two or three head CT scans have triple the risk of developing brain cancer, a new study has revealed.
LIFE-SAVING CT scans could triple the risk of developing leukaemia and brain tumours in children, scientists have warned.
What we've proved is that there is a link between having a CT scan and subsequently getting leukaemia and brain tumours.
Shaikh Mohammed bin Saqr Al Qasimi, Director of Sharjah Medical Zone, said: "The CT scan machine is important for Dhaid hospital because it is located at many crossroads.
A YOUNG woman who died from a cancerous tumour was forced to wait a whole month for a crucial CT scan, a medical inquiry heard yesterday.
Giving thoughtful consideration of the need for CT scan is suspected, although not proven, to reduce radiation exposure for patients.
His son, Michael, said he was conscious and preparing to undergo a CT scan as part of a battery of tests to find out what happened.
The Japanese engineer told Al-Ansi that the CT scan should not be used more than 50 times a day.