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Canadian agency that gathers communications intelligence and assist law enforcement and security agencies

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Boniface, Manitoba), the CSE has grown much in many different areas in the short ten years it has existed.
FTSE is committed to bringing new, innovative indices and services to the world's markets and we look forward to building on this offering with the CSE to continue to meet investors' requirements.
The flexibility of I'm InTouch CSE provides several business opportunities for our reseller channel.
The index series has been designed using FTSE's robust rules for eligibility, free float and liquidity to provide investor confidence, and also open the doors to international listings on the markets operated by CSE.
Referring to the global financial crisis and how it affected Cyprus, Koufaris said that it was unavoidable that it would also affect the CSE with a low volume of transactions, stock price instability, and in general poor interest in investments.
Pilotlight believes that although money is important to CSEs, providing them with the business skills to maximise their financial and human resources is essential to them reaching their full potential - both in the quality of service they offer and the number of people they can help.
Over its 24-year history CSE has built a reputation for its specialist knowledge of systems assurance, safety and quality management contributing to major airport, air traffic control and railway projects around the world.
West Midlands Police and the region's seven local authorities also issued a press release revealing that 720 children had been identified as being at risk of CSE from April to June this year.
Under the provisions of the bill, the finance minister reserves the right to set the number of staff to be transferred, following a request by the CySEC and liaising with the CSE board.
Exchange Director Nondas Metaxas said that most of these listings are foreign-owned or Cyprus-based companies with overseas activities, and have preferred to list on the CSE rather than the London Stock Exchange's AIM market as the costs are lower and the terms are more relaxed.
The CSE would then warn the ministries targeted to take countermeasures to protect their computers and networks from hackers, criminals or enemy states.
The Kirklees Safeguarding Children Board is overseeing the work and its chair, Bron Sanders (inset), said: "The number of noti-fied CSE cases in Kirklees to date is relatively small, but the issue is a high priority.
com)-- CSE Software, an IT company known for superior technical support, is proud to announce that the City of Naperville has chosen its Support Services team as their vendor of choice for help desk support.
According to The Verge, it is the first time the CSE, which is analogous in its responsibilities to the NSA, has admitted its work affects Canadian citizens.
Raising an alarm on Delhi, a CSE member said, " The Delhi government's own estimation shows that transportation contributes close to half of the carbon dioxide in the city.