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software that can be used by a group of people who are working on the same information but may be distributed in space

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In order to establish efficient mechanisms to control CSCW system it is necessary to define the objectives of communication firstly.
Aspects related to the communication management, the DSD and CSCW were fundamental for the elaboration of the VIMEE tool presented in this work.
Designing a GIS-based CSCW system for development control with an event-driven approach.
These and other kinds of computerised artifacts are currently under investigation in the context of CSCW and cognitive sciences, where their importance in supporting human individual and cooperative activities is being recognised [37, 32].
More concisely, CSCW is a set of software, hardware, language components and procedure that support a group of people in a decision related meeting [5].
Strudel--An Extensible Electronic Conversation Toolkit, CSCW '90.
Through its technological implementation (groupware), CSCW supports groups of people engaged in a common task (or goal) by providing an interface to a shared environment (Ellis et al.
However, within the field of CSCW and HCI, collaborative information seeking activities have been investigated within different work contexts such as engineers (Pinelli, Bishop, Barcley and Kennedy, 1993)
Evolution leads to CSCW (Computer Supported Cooperative Work) and CSCL (Computer Supported Collaborative Learning) methods which are currently used as basis for distance trainings, supported by computing networks systems and Internet resources.
The emergence of CSCW was concomitant with these developments in GIS.
The Design of MOO agents: Implications from an empirical CSCW study.
It appears that if we are to examine problems such as group work with geovisualization and use of geovisualization in real world practice, we will also need to address social issues using methods that integrate perspectives from domains such as CSCW, sociology, and social psychology.