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a tear gas that is stronger than CN gas but wears off faster

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He said it was for the force to prove the arrest was lawful and that they had a defence for the use of CS spray in the van.
The police woman who used the CS spray said she gave a second warning before directing a short burst of the gas at the youth, which proved effective and allowed the officers to restrain and handcuff him.
He confirmed that he had bought the CS spray off eBay and claimed that he had it in case he needed to protect his dog from attacks from larger fighting dogs when walking him.
A West Midlands Police spokeswoman said: "A man threatened staff with a knife and what looked like a handgun, before using CS spray and demanding cash.
Inset right, police use CS spray at Wednesday night's demonstration
6 or permanently flame retardant material in accordance with DIN EN ISO 11612 A1, CS spray cans with registration numbers BKA or PTB-R.
CS spray is used as an incapacitant to limit people's movement and help police deal with violent or potentially violent offenders.
And if CS spray doesn't work then there will be demands for even stronger measures.
On one occasion a gang travelled to Antwerp to commit a robbery during which they fired CS spray at passers-by and the shopkeeper.
One of the men was aggressive and the officer used their CS spray.
POLICE threatened to subdue a drunken man with CS spray.
Shocking statistics released to the Sunday Mercury under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal how crooks have nicked everything from CS spray to cannabis from their local nick, sparking concern about security.
A father listened in horror on a mobile phone as his daughter was attacked by muggers using CS spray.
COPS used CS spray after coming under attack by a gang of 100 youths as they went to the aid of an assault victim in Derry.
The 62-year-old - birth name Victor Benjamin - had to be tackled with CS spray after pulling the knife on the officer.