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a vacuum tube in which a hot cathode emits a beam of electrons that pass through a high voltage anode and are focused or deflected before hitting a phosphorescent screen

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A typical CRT display, even one that meets EnergyStar standards, draws between 80 and 100 watts of power.
While many thought FD Trinitron(R) technology and it's flat screen surface was the last frontier for CRT displays, Sony will show that there is yet another new frontier for this proven, resilient display technology," said Hiro Ishizuka, president of Sony's Display Component & Device Company of America, a division of Sony Electronics.
Apple's Cinema Display is twice as bright, twice as sharp and has three times the contrast of CRT displays, plus it has zero flicker.
color-graphics CRT display on this new control system (photos) and it's obvious that RTM has come a long way from its early days.
OTCBB:COPY) announced today that it will be exhibiting its color and monochrome Flat CRT displays incorporating CopyTele's Pixel Matrix Electron Control System ("PMECS") at The FPD International 2005 "Displaying the Future," the leading international exhibition on flat panel displays.
The new sunlight-readable cockpit display, designated Model 8000, incorporates both the CRT display and the electronics elements in a single ruggedized package weighing less than 14 pounds.
The new controls, with full-color CRT display, will be on Brown's CS-4500 servodriven former.
That compares with around $25,000 for a system with CRT display.
The AXC Controller has a CRT display, a printer, floppy-disc storage, a personal computer to gather data, and a hand-held digital remote unit for 24 Spear probes and eight manifold zones, which can be removed from the mold after it is up and running.
CopyTele's thin compact Flat CRT display not only preserves the desirable characteristics of CRT's, but also achieves high brightness, has a unique low voltage and power electron emission system, and has built-in pixel memory.
lt;p>Nokia uses LCD technology in its mobile phones and used to make CRT displays.
For testing FPD and CRT displays, and LCD panels in PC and TV manufacturing.
In particular, there has been a huge movement toward recycling lead-heavy CRT displays as people migrate to flat-panel LCD displays.
CRT displays require a little more attention than LCD or flat screen displays.
Built on a rugged, 19-inch-wide aluminum and steel rack-mount chassis with a corrosion-resistant aluminum front panel, the GRY-series CRT displays from CyberResearch, Inc.