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a vacuum tube in which a hot cathode emits a beam of electrons that pass through a high voltage anode and are focused or deflected before hitting a phosphorescent screen

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Based on the focus of this final force-on-force battle mission, CRT 3 captured the spotlight.
With a minimum 65 months of follow-up since randomization, the relative risk of all-cause mortality was 23% lower in patients originally assigned to CRT than in controls subsequently switched to CRT or CRT-D.
In the "transaction of interest," a CRT with highly appreciated, low-basis assets sells them and replaces them with new assets.
One note of caution: As a tax-exempt entity, the CRT cannot accept gifts of property encumbered by debt.
Specifically, used and broken CRTs are not regulated as hazardous waste as long as the following conditions are met:
CRTs that are going to glass processing applications must adhere to the above requirements.
CRT isn't the only REIT to recently unload its holdings.
Effective today, CRT has also suspended its dividend reinvestment plan and all future dividends will be paid in cash only.
In addition, this analysis includes market splits by monitor resolution and connection type (analog versus digital), and within the CRT category by flat versus curved monitors for the same six-year period.
those which no one answers correctly and those which all miss on the proposed CRT.
FPDs represent the future of monitor technology and have several benefits over CRT monitors such as:
During the final weeks of fading and stabilization the CRT accompanies the job coach to the job site to meet the employer and worker and to view the training environment.
Our trust department often advises a CEO to establish a CRT, which allows him to give an asset to a favorite charity or institution, secure a tax deduction, avoid capital gains and receive an income stream for life--or after retirement.
That's one reason Buhl went to a large CRT screen instead of a much smaller flat-screen display.
CRT Capital Group LLC ("CRT"), an independent institutional broker-dealer based in Stamford, Connecticut, today announced that it has hired Matthew DeSalvo to serve as the firm's Chief Operating Officer.