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a hard brittle multivalent metallic element

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The new CRS/ReferralExchange service is expected to launch early summer 2015, and will be available to all CRS Designees when they access their account at www.
Another notable CRS web archive of interest to military lawyers is the U.
The purpose of this study is to analyse TCO as financial CRS efficiency evaluation tool when developing, using, and expanding a CRS, and determine strengths and weaknesses of this cost-oriented approach.
CRS programs are located within rural communities, so families do not have to be concerned about safety issues and cultural prohibitions involved in sending girls out of the village alone.
CRS has been acknowledged as one of the few Canadian companies on the forefront of laboratory automation technology.
The survey targeted persons aged 16 and older reported to be deaf-blind as a result of CRS.
Conflicts addressed by CRS can be internal to a particular organization (public or private), municipal department, or school system or involve allegations from outside the department or organization.
CRS has a proven business model and solid track record of profitable growth.
Sell-a-bration is the largest gathering of CRS designees at one event, and the average attendee earns more than $113,102 per year.
In addition, plans are under way for InPhonic to configure, host and manage the CRS Wireless Network, a custom-built, unified communications application that provides agents with centralized access to e-mail, voicemail, facsimile, contact management and calendar functions.
The CRS team happened upon the emaciated child and her mother at a mountainside food distribution this same morning near El Chucte mountain, in Guatemala's department of Chiquimula.
With the recent news that the preliminary map of the Human Genetic Code has been completed, CRS Robotics Corporation (TSE:ROB), Burlington, Ontario, Canada, has announced that several members of the International Genomic research team were CRS customers.
It was felt that in the interest of inclusive and informed society, it is apt that Government provide the spectrum (airwaves) for CRS at zero cost.
Those honored are Frank Kowalski, CRS, of Metro Dade Realty in Miami; Sarah Frese, CRS, of Coldwell Banker Success Southwest in Tucson, Ariz.
CRS has had a presence in both camps since December 2000, mostly providing health education and sanitation.