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Instead of estimating how much a single gap (such as the space between the crosshairs and top of a post) should cover at any range, counting the dots provides the information.
The hash marks below the center crosshair provide necessary hold-over for extended ranges.
One of her major milestones has been the Crosshairs Brand and media workshop - Stuti has conducted and organized the workshop intended to touch upon various marketing and brand related facts and the know how's of media industry.
Anyone who cares about public schools should see "Public Education in the Crosshairs," the just-released first installment of a series of programs (video/DVD) called the No Child Left Behind Report.
So the 527s are now in the crosshairs of the reformers, and speech is newly imperiled and must be newly defended.
This Carmen snapshots a society caught in the crosshairs, with little opportunity to find safety or calm.
Corus itself was in the headlines early in 2005 for allegedly being in the crosshairs of ThyssenKrupp, the German industrial conglomerate, although denied by both sides.
It comes with three high-visibility monofilament crosshairs and will accept up to six crosshairs with the purchase of three additional U-Slide accessory adjustment bars.
Thanks to a spate of high-profile corporate scandals, C-level executives are the latest, greatest bad guy to enter the crosshairs of a voracious news media and an even more voracious class action industry.
If there ever was a country in the crosshairs, Syria is it.
Ewan Fernie's book takes the concept of shame out of its tangential sphere in thematic Shakespeare scholarship and places it in the crosshairs of a wide-ranging inspection of the dramaturgical and philosophical import of shame in Shakespearean tragedy.
The next challenge in the crosshairs for Ethernet is moving beyond the Enterprise network to the connections between them--in the majority of cases, over public networks.
State Department's list of nations that sponsor terrorism, and perceived refuge of Iraqi regime leaders, Syria appeared to be positioned firmly in Washington's crosshairs.
Found paper, sheet-rock, clothing, cardboard, and other detritus lock into Will's crosshairs and are used as his printing substrate.
How do the hermeneutic possibilities of photos snaring subjects in the crosshairs, between what is assumed to separate the person, his or her public persona, and the fictional character he or she stars as, require reconsideration of what is considered "art" and what isn't?