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12) The proliferation of CRO purchases by PE firms in recent years is an indication that wall street understands that significant profit can be made when real improvements are made in CROs after M&As--the CRO market has in fact been one of the best performing sectors in recent years in financial circles.
Further, the research identifies that CROs need to play an increasing role as an enabler of success in patient-centric clinical trials.
Today, CROs offer a variety of services, so you'll want to evaluate your research needs carefully, prior to starting your search for the optimal CRO.
If a sponsor decides to conduct a trial in an unknown or less known region, the choice is usually between a global CRO or small local CROs they are not familiar with.
Technology Partnership: CRO offer third-party developed technology to clients
The risk management expertise of both the independent director and the CRO must be commensurate with the company's systemic footprint.
Life Science Leader developed the CRO Leadership Awards to help their readers more efficiently vet potential CRO partners.
CRO outsourcing has become a critical strategy for MNCs looking to reduce costs, time-to-market and to improve profit margins.
Has the CRO asked you to provide input on proposals to their potential clients?
According to Prabhu Ram, General Manager, Healthcare Research and Advisory Practice, CyberMedia Research, "Our research points to ongoing changes and evolution in the business model for CRO enterprises from transaction-oriented engagements to strategic partnerships.
The challenges involved in successfully integrating CRO scientists into a virtual global research team can be significantly lessened when the outsourcing organization extends and leverages an enterprise ELN into the CRO, with work requests and tasks that are built and managed using a shared ELN infrastructure.
The CRO has incorporated the content of Business Ethics magazine and its Website, and publishes CRO magazine, The CRO.
The CRO may be more common nowadays, but its role in individual organizations varies widely, creating strains and limitations.
5 billion in drug development spending went to CRO clinical services in 2004, up from 12% in 2001, as top CROs handled close to 23,000 Phase I-W studies conducted at 152,000 sites.
This is another fork in the road at which an organization might decide to upgrade the risk manager position to CRO, or to add a CRO to focus more strategically on risk issues.