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The findings, which represent input from small, mid-sized and large biopharmaceutical companies globally, indicate Covance with 29% of responses and Quintiles with 23% being the top two CROs perceived to be "making the right moves to be successful in the future.
The risk management expertise of both the independent director and the CRO must be commensurate with the company's systemic footprint.
Life Science Leader developed the CRO Leadership Awards to help their readers more efficiently vet potential CRO partners.
To address this need, BioClinica's eClinical CRO Partner Alliance is flexible and built around each partner's unique needs and business model.
Because it is new to many insurance companies and because the CRO job description varies so widely across organizations, French said the CROs are a bit confused themselves about what their responsibilities are.
Generally, at any one time the CRO physician juggles half a dozen or more compounds or devices for different companies through various stages of development, serving as an advisor to the PIs conducting the clinical trials, to the CRO staff managing the trials and to the sponsors themselves, all the while carefully monitoring the safety of volunteers receiving the experimental agents.
Development prediction of China's CRO industry as well as operation of major enterprises
The CRO is also a counselor, acting as an advisor to the board of directors and management, regularly communicating the key risks of the business.
There are different issues trying to bring a CRO in, issues about carving out a new slot within a corporation," says Bob Anderson, executive director of the Washington, D.
Despite the mixed growth rate in recent years of both comprehensive and niche CROs, overall, 2000 was a year of growth for the CRO industry as they adjusted to the mergers of major pharmaceutical companies and to consolidation within their own industry.
GBI Research, the leading business intelligence provider, has released its latest report, Contract Research Organizations (CROs) Market to 2018 - Public-Private Partnerships to Strengthen Research Capacities and Advance Clinical Development Programs, which provides key data, information and analysis of CRO industry.
com/research/hrhz8f/the_overview_of) has announced the addition of the "2014 Report on the Japanese CRO Market" report to their offering.
financial institutions, energy companies, transportation companies, telecommunication providers and healthcare providers) have a CRO position.
Note that Hackenburg says the office of CRO is irrelevant, not the job.